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Category: Photography


10 Sure Ways to Get out of a Creative Rut 

No matter how much you enjoy photography, eventually, you may find your creativity waning. It’s happened to the best of us, and it can leave your photographs looking less than inspired, and often downright dismal! Often, creative ruts are caused by familiarity. Too often we…


How To Photograph Snow: Composition and Exposure 

It may be an icy wonderland outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from venturing out with your camera to capture your very own wintertime masterpieces. Snow photography can be beautiful – and there are plenty of examples to prove it! But for most of us, photographing snow…


Dance Photography: How to Take Dance Photos 

Dancing is one of the finest arts ever known to man. The graceful movements, the poetry in motion and the music. Everything about dancing is a feast for the senses – especially for the eyes. The lure of dancing is simply irresistible, which is why…


Why You Need a Home Photography Studio 

When you are starting out as a photographer, the world is your studio, but after a while you may get tired of having to fight the sun and weather. That’s when you know it’s time to work in an area where you can control the…


How to Use Leading Lines for Exceptional Composition 

Leading lines are a powerful tool that experienced photographers use to improve the balance, and overall composition of their images. Lines are often used to lead the viewer’s eye through the photograph, towards points of interest. Our eyes our trained to “read through” images, just like we…


Getting Started With Photography 

Relax, we have all been where you are. You have decided to take the plunge into the vast world of photography. Maybe you’re thinking about starting your own business or just ready to seriously learn how to take some pictures. It doesn’t matter how you…


Selling Photo Gear with the Right Ecommerce Platform 

Over the past five years, the growth of the photography industry has been nothing less than stellar. A report published earlier this year by Grand View Research, Inc. noted that the global market for digital cameras will reach $19.77 billion by 2020. Not only does this show…


Picking Colors to Highlight Emotion in Your Pictures 

Here’s what the smart use of color can do for your pictures: It can provoke emotion and even give deeper meaning to the stories you tell with your shots. In other words, spending some extra time to pick the appropriate colors can infuse your photography with…


The Disposition of Drones 

When civilians talk about military drones, we often imagine the aerial view, the remote-controlled camera, the fuzzy targets on a screen. Operations on the ground are considerably more varied, and harder to picture. The first thing to understand is that the image of a lone…