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Just Yolking! 6 Ways Of Using Leftover Egg Yolks In Cooking And Baking
Duck egg yolk and hen egg yolk; Shutterstock ID 538399648

Just Yolking! 6 Ways Of Using Leftover Egg Yolks In Cooking And Baking 

Egg yolks are avoided by many a health freak due to the presence of high amount of fats in it. While people love consuming egg whites with breakfast every morning, egg yolks are often left out of meals, due to popular belief that consuming egg yolk increases blood cholesterol. A number of nutritionists will also tell you to not consume whole eggs during breakfast. But what does one do with all that extra yolk that is leftover after the whites are separated from it? It most usually ends up in the dustbin, which is a huge waste of this very useful ingredient. Egg yolks are also rich in some essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D and even calcium and iron.

Nutritionally speaking, throwing away egg yolks is a huge waste. The yolks are essential ingredients for a number of foods and dishes too. So, the next time you need to make an egg white omelette, you can save the egg yolks instead of throwing them away, for we are here to tell you some amazing uses of the yolks in cooking.

How To Use Egg Yolk In Cooking And Baking

1. To Make Mayonnaise

Egg yolk is one of the main ingredients in mayonnaise, which is a popular dipping sauce that can also double up as a sandwich spread and salad dressing. Mayonnaise is creamy and delicious and you can make it at home, very easily using a few very commonly available kitchen ingredients. Homemade mayonnaise is healthier and creamier and you can easily use the leftover yolk in making mayonnaise.

2. To Thicken Pasta Sauces And Soups

Is your gravy looking too thin? All you need is leftover egg yolks and you can thicken it easily. Egg yolks can be used to thicken pasta sauces such as the ones used in Carbonara pasta. Yolks can also be used to thicken creamy soups, which may have turned out to be too runny for your liking. This is because egg yolks have a low water content and high fat content and act as emulsifiers.

3. To Make Puddings And Custards

Eggs are the main thickening agents in custards and puddings. Yolks make these desserts creamier and richer and they are important to allow the custard or pudding to set. This is because the proteins in egg yolk coagulate when subjected to heat from cooking or baking.

4. To Make Minced Meat Patties

Are you looking to make delicious meat patties for your burgers? Egg yolks can help! When you’re combining spices with minced meat and cheese, add a bit of egg yolk as a binding agent. It helps the ingredients of the patty hold together, when you’re grilling or baking them.

5. To Make Fluffy Breads And Egg Wash

Eggs are used as leavening agents in bread dough and help it rise. But the yolks have a special role in tenderising the crumb and making the texture lighter. Yolks can be added to doughnut batter to keep it firmer. Egg yolks are also used in glazing homemade breads and pies with egg wash, which helps give the pastry a shiny golden brown colour after baking. Egg wash is also important in binding toppings to the surface of the pastry.

6. To Make Creamy Cupcake Frosting

Egg yolks can be used to make creamy frostings for cupcakes, by combining them with sugar, vanilla essence and milk (or cream) and any other added flavours or ingredients as desired. Egg yolks are beaten with the rest of the ingredients to a smooth and thick consistency.

Egg yolks can also be used as a beauty ingredient for conditioning your hair and moisturising the skin on your face. Moreover, consuming the yolk from one egg per day is considered safe, so don’t shy away from adding it to your breakfast meals.

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